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The village of Baie-des-Sables is well-known for its architectural heritage: the pretty houses, the quay, the old mill and the imposing church tower. In order to appreciate the nature surrounding this maritime area, walk along the hiking trail “Le Sentier des Rosiers” and in winter, the cross-country ski trail set back from the coast and from where you can admire hilly scenery and get an outstanding view on the river. In July, the Festival “La Mer t’appelle” will make you discover a wide range of activities such as mosaic on the shore, bottle in the sea, seafood dinner and choirs. On the 4e Rang, visit “Mon Jardin Secret”, a garden where cascades and brooks are surrounded by more than 1,000 species of plants. You can also admire the light gardens.

If you want to catch at least one fish during your trip, Les Piscicultures Basques offer you the chance to fish in trout-culture ponds. You will also find a smokehouse where brook trout is smoked with maple wood according to an ancient recipe. Bring all your family at the Mini-ferme touristique and see chickens, hens, geese, rabbits, ducks, veal, pigs and goats. Feel the experience of farm work and participate in the daily animal cares.

Between Baie-des-Sables and Saint-Ulric, you will encounter the Saint-Damase outdoor center where you will find numerous activities for the entire family. Try the water slides, the soccer field, the pedal boats or go canoeing, kayaking and camping. In winter, a snowmobile trail is also available.


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