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Musée la Maison Horace-Bouffard

Open form mid-June to mid-September

The Six-Marriage House

The Musée la Maison Horace-Bouffard was built by Horace Bouffard and Azilda Durette in 1896, the year they got married. It has the typical architecture of the houses built in Quebec of that time. All the rooms are decorated and furnished in the style of that epoch. You will certainly love the unique style of this museum-house.

In addition, a guide will tell you the story of the amazing family who lived here. Indeed, the Bouffard-Durette family holds the world record for the greatest number of marriages in the same family. It has been put in the Guinness Record book. Horace and Azilda were, of course, one of these unusual couples!

Musée la Maison Horace-Bouffard

961 Bouffard Road
Matane (Petit-Matane)
Québec, Canada
G0J 1Y0

Phone : 418-562-1638

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