Gaspésie Travel guide

Gaspésie Travel guide

Gaspésie Travel guide

A Marine World to Discover

The Gaspésie region is circled with water from the estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence and the rivers that run inside the land. This region is embellished with nature from the forests, the rivers, the tundra, the barachois, the rugged coast, the plains and the mountains. This region is divided into five areas according to the natural characteristics of each one: the Coast, the Haute-Gaspésie, Land’s End, the Bay and the Valley.

For thousands of years, the Gaspésie region was inhabited by the Micmac First Nation. They saw the Vikings, the Italian, the Basque and Breton fishermen, the French, the English, the Irish, the Scottish and the Jersiais come here to exploit the natural resources of the region. Each of these nations left their mark in the region, with their culture, their culinary traditions or their typical accent. The numerous museums and interpretation centres of the region will give you all the details about the history of the nations that made the region so special.

Since nature is everywhere in the Gaspésie region, you will not want to miss the numerous parks and natural reserves that are scattered across the land. Altogether, the Gaspésie parks conceal 25 of the highest peaks in Quebec. Visitors can do their favourite activities like hiking, hang-gliding, which is very popular in this region, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, telemark and snowmobiling. Forests and beaches allow visitors to fully take advantage of nature. The Bay, for its part, is now part of the Club of the Most beautiful Bays of the World.

The fauna and flora abound in the region, and you can observe some of the animal and plant species in the numerous wildlife reserves and in the gardens. On the île Bonaventure, you can go bird watching, because the island shelters the largest colony of Northern gannets in North America. Fish also populate the rivers, for the joy of fishermen.

Nowadays, the Gaspésie region is a well-known tourist region that welcomes visitors from all over the world. People come here for the spectacular landscapes, but also for the diversified culture and the lively festivals. The art galleries, the artists’ workshops and the artisan boutiques open their doors to art lovers. Year round, theatres and concert halls offer shows for all tastes.

The Gaspésie region also conceals numerous hotel establishments to allow visitors to extend their stay. Whether you choose a renowned hotel, a small inn or a welcoming bed & breakfast, you will never forget your vacation in the Gaspésie region.


Gaspésie Travel guide


The Gaspésie region

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